Halloweentown II : Kalabar’s Revenge

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Marnie the teenage witch is back again with her family in the 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie released for the holiday of Halloween and a continuation of the Holloweentown series. It is now a year later and the young witch has improved her spell casting abilities but still has a lot to learn when it comes to knowing when to trust and when to make sure the family secrets stay secret. The family has now started to celebrate the holiday of Halloween and are having a big party at the house for the first time ever. It seems that the whole neighborhood is there to celebrate before everyone is supposed to go to the costume contest at the high school. This is a real community even and it is also the first time that a boy, another teen has taken an interest in her. She is all a flutter as he charms his way into her heart.

Back in Halloweentown things are not going so well. The Cromwell witches don’t know it yet but the entire world of Halloweentown is slowly turning grey. The monsters are being turned into caricature versions of human which to the inhabitants are nothing more then grey dull individuals. Meanwhile back in the mortal realm Kal (Daniel Kountz), the teen trying to seduce Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown), has stolen Aggie Cromwell’s book of spells and is planing to use its power against the mortal realm. To help him keep the family of Cromwell witches, and one reluctant warlock Dylan Piper Cromwell (Joey Zimmerman) from discovering his plans has made a golem made of frogs to pose as his dad. As the golem Alex worms his way into the heart of the kids mother Gwen Cromwell Piper (Judith Hoag) the youngest Cromwell, Sophie (Emily Roeske) senses that something is wrong especially when her grandmother’s handbag goes empty. This causes Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) and Marnie to go to the bus stop for a ride to Halloweentown to see what has happened. When they get to where the stop should be it is not there and they are forced to call the portal itself to the mortal realm to get to Halloweentown.

With the Aggie and Marnie in Halloweentown Kal makes sure that they are not able to come back to help their family. With those two out of the way and spells long laid in place he now starts to set in motion the plans he has for the mortal realm. He plans to change all of humanity and take control of both worlds, just like his father Kalabar wanted to do. It is going to take all the power of the Cromwell family to fight this new threat to both worlds as well as figure out a way to get around the rules that keep the two realms apart.

This is a cute addition to the Halloweentown series and gives the viewers a fun way to spend the Samhain holiday with family and friends. Even though this film had a much more darker feel then the first one there is enough comedy and laughs to make this film suitable to anyone that is not against the the fun holiday that is Halloween. May all the blessings and renewal of Samhain be upon you and yours as the days grow cold and dark. And despair not, for Spring is only half the wheel away. So enjoy your family and this fun movie during this Happy Halloween Tide!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆ 

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