Halloweentown High

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This is the third movie in the Halloweentown series made especially for the Disney Channel, and since Marnie Piper (Kimberly Brown) opened the portal in Halloween II: Kalabar’s Revenge. In this story, now that the people of Halloweentown have the option not to take the bus to the mortal world only on Halloween, but they can go there at any time, Aggie Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds) and Marnie have set up a high school exchange program where students from Halloweentown can learn about the mortal world while at the high school in Marnie’s hometown. Aggie has taken a job at the school as a temporary teacher, and the students can turn to Marnie and Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) for help when they need it. A secret room has been installed at the school behind one of the lockers where the students can change to their true forms when they need to relax and shed their mortal disguises.

There are several students in the program, and they are all staying at the Piper’s home, which has been magically enhanced to hold them all comfortably. They are Cassie the Witch (Eliana Reyes), Ethan the Warlock (Lucas Grabeel), Natalie the Pink Troll (Olesya Rulin), Pete the Werewolf (Todd Michael Schwartzman). New relationships are blossoming for the young and old. Aggie with Principal Flanigan (Clifton Davis), Marnie with a new transfer student, Cody (Finn Wittrock), and even Dylan may have found his dream nerd girl in Natalie. As with most things that happen with Halloweentown, there is someone in power looking to take too much power, and this person has a spy on the other side among the exchange students, and the faculty at the school, as there is a person working there that is a descendant of the Knights of the Iron Dagger, the order that was put together a thousand years ago to eradicate non-mortals, which in turn caused the founding of Halloweentown.

While there are many silly things that can happen when even mortals are strangers in a strange land, when it happens to mystical creatures, the silliness can go to the extreme when trolls, werewolves, and powerful magic-users cut loose in a place they should not. Gwen is still in denial about her heritage, just as Dylan is, but soon they find that they cannot hide what they really are. A powerful spell has been put into place from the other side to unleash chaos on Halloween night at a school carnival, in which the mortals will permanently become the creatures they are portraying, and the props in the haunted house come to life. Unless Marnie can convince the Halloweentown council that mystical creatures and mortals can live peacefully, the portal will be sealed forever, and there would be no interaction between the two worlds. Not even the old-fashioned bus would be available any more. This would cause the Cromwell/Piper family to split, and thus Marnie and younger sister, Sophie (Emily Roeske) would never become the great witches they are destined to be.

This movie is just as cute and fun as all the others before it, and perfect for family movie night. It has all the elements that make family movies so much fun. Magical, colourful, light, and with just a little touch of darkness to balance things out. This series of movies must be taken in throughout the month to lead up to one of the biggest celebrations in the world. So, put down that carving knife, as the pumpkin will keep, and get ready for broomstick-flying adventure in the Piper’s own backyard with Halloweentown High

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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