Halloween: Trick or Treat

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Our two trick or treating heroes live in a town that really loves to do up Halloween. From the moment they slip into their costumes and as they go one down the streets from the kindly neighbors next door, to the creepy old professor in the odd house, to the rich part of town, they are in it to win it, and winning means lots of sweet loot! In Halloween: Trick or Treat Every house in the hood has the spookiest decorations up, and black cats and kittens are everywhere, but don’t let the these kids’ enthusiasm for the holiday get to you, because it would be much more fun to do some real trick or treating than to play this game. It is a hidden object mystery for the kids, but some of these puzzles are not so easy, and can be frightening at times. Many of the logic puzzles are great for the kids, though, so there is a bright spot in all this ghoulishness. The little witch and skeleton even get to make a trip past the town cemetery for treats. Collect up the many black and orange candy canes in every location, and your chances of getting tricked will become less, but when you do get tricked, they get you good! So avoid the skull, and make sure you get the pumpkin when those little opportunities flash on your screen.

There are many hidden object mystery games out there, and it is good to see one that focuses on younger gamers, but as more mature casual gamer, I found it was still a little rough for kids to handle. Maybe we might get lucky and see another out for some other holidays, and these devs might tone the puzzles down a little for growing eyes.