Gummy Drop!

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

This is a Free to Play game, but so addictive. If you have the patience to wait for your three turns, and the strategic mind to hold on to them, you will heartily enjoy this candy match 3 game that takes you around the world. New cities are added as the game is updated and upgraded. There are also tools that you can win or pay for if you don’t have the patience to wait for them to come along in daily events, lottery winnings, or other items.

You start in Sydney, and work your way westward, with various stops along the way in each town as you build up resources, like knowledge, building materials, and luxuries. There are also side puzzles that can help you gain materials by helping out scientists, city engineers, and media personalities. With each puzzle you get three attempts to earn coins to help pay for upgrades, resources centers, and game tools and enhancers. The bright candies are flavours of lemon yellow, cherry red hearts, blue raz triangles, green apple, chocolate octagons, and grape purple squares.

There are other candy matching games out there, but this one is very fun, and you have a sweet-natured lady along as your companion to encourage you whenever you make some great moves. Different kinds of matches will give you in-game tools like bombs, full row annihilators, and lightning strikes that take out one certain flavour of gummy completely from the grid when you switch it with that colour. Mixing these together will result in amazing combos. Swap a lightning strike with another, and your entire gummy grid is wiped out, but that is a very good thing! Swap a bomb with a row annihilator, and it will take out three rows horizontally and vertically. Swap two row annihilators, and the take out two rows in both directions. That is where strategy comes in.

Each puzzle is different, but you get three tries for each one, and are rewarded with coins, and the more difficult the stage, the more coins you get. Some of the puzzles are timed, and some contain time bombs that you must take down before it makes you lose your entire puzzle, a very bad thing. Time bombs bad, lightning strikes, good! Keep some coffee and sweets around, because once you master these strategies, you may find yourself playing Gummy Drop for hours, and at every chance you can get.