Guild Wars Hearts Of The North

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Hearts of the North is the second major installment of Guild Wars Beyond, a series of installments to help pave the way as well as bridge the gap between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. The previous installment was that of War In Kryta which saw Keiran Thackeray lost and missing after Queen Salma took the throne in Lions Arch.

In this wonderfully scripted and designed bonus adventure we see and help to reunite Keiran and Gwen. The reason I call it a bonus adventure is because to complete War in Kryta and Hearts of the North you must own all games Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall as well as that of Eye Of The North. Parts of the quests take place in a 4 parts of the game. In a way it is a reward for being so faithful to the game.

Gwen is beside herself with grief at the thought of something having had happened to Keiran. At the end of Eye of the North and in conjunction with War In Kryta Gwen basically told Keiran that she wanted nothing to do with him, that she would never be able to love someone with all that had happened to her. They fought and he left, when he did Gwen ran away in tears and not understanding why. With Hearts of the North she knows why she is sad, why she misses Keiran so much. Simply put the reason she misses him so much is that she is truly and deeply in love with him and wants him back.

Hearts of the North start when you find a clue about what might have happened to Keiran. With the clue in hand you heard back to Gwen at the Eye of the North to tell her about it. As you start toward her the Eye reacts to the item you found and you are able to use the Eye to see what happened to Keiran in the past.

As with the Bonus Mission Pack’s that were released in 2007 you play the part of Keiran, a ranger that finds a young assassin named Miku and helps her to chase down high ranking members of the Mantle. Through his adventures along side Miku, Keiran finds a new strength inside himself and begins to understand the love that he feels for Gwen. The more he fights for those around him the more he wants to fight to get back to Gwen and make things right. It is the journeys that you have with him that give him the strength that he needs to finally be able to tell Gwen just how he feels.

While you are playing Keiran Gwen is watching through the Eye at the events as they unfold. She sees him with Miku and runs the whole gambit of emotions, jealousy, rage, sadness, longing and joy at Keiran’s ability to survive. She comes to realize that he truly is trying to get back to her and that she must go find him as well.

For those tender of heart you will be well rewarded with tears of joy as you witness the dramatic ending to what is sure to be considered one of the best content additions to the game. True, the gimme now crowd will not appreciate this addition other then the free platinum and a personalized Green but for those that love the game and the story that goes with it you will not want to miss a second of it.

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