Guild Wars 2 Human Preview Video At Games On Net

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Games on Net just recently had an article about the humans in the most hotly-anticipated MMO’s of the year Guild Wars 2. While we know that any of the races in this new game are going to be hot this interview they did with ArenaNet was solely about the humans. The article is great but the video that went with it was even better. I would highly recommend downloading the full sized version so that you are able to truly appreciate the scope and grandeur that is being build by ArenaNet and the Guild Wars 2 team.

If you would like to read the interview you can see it on Games On Net GW2 Developers on Humanity (With new Trailer!), what I am reviewing here is the video itself and what it shows us about the new game world that is being made for Guild Wars 2. When the video first opens we see a dam, we are not sure where it is but it has been seen in many of the videos that have been released for Guild Wars 2. It shows just how big things really are with this game even though you don’t know that just yet. We don’t know enough about how much of the world has been made but if you think about Guild Wars as we have been playing for the past 5 years and then compare it to the videos you start to see just what is happening. This world they are making, yes I said world that they are making is freaking huge. The new human city is from all accounts in the Divinity Coast area of the current game. You might think that is a big area but when you compare that to what we see in the video it just isn’t big enough for everything that we see there. That means that the actually land mass and areas in the new game are much bigger then they are now. The scale and scope are much grander and will allow all us explorers at heart to be able to have some real fun this time around.

Some other things that the new video show us is just how much detail is going into the new game. It has many more bits and pieces to it and seems to not be as much reuse of resources that were seen in the past. To give a game to game comparison the video shows more detail than that of Lord Of The Rings Online has and that is saying a lot. We see grand sweeping landscapes, detailed trees and better animations as people run over uneven ground. Just looking at the screen shots that I provide here you can see just how detailed the world is really going to be. I don’t think anyone has done waterfalls as good as the crew at ArenaNet has in any game. Many games do not give water the respect it deserves but the modelers and programmers working on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 know how to make it right and it shows. They carry that same attention to detail with water right into the other parts of the world giving it a flowing and living quality to the game that you just don’t see anywhere else.

I would recommend reading the article at Games On Net and downloading and watching the video in its full size. That one video will have you salivating to get your hands on the game. Here is to looking forward to the launch of Guild Wars 2.