Guild Wars 2 Hall Of Monuments

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For those that do not know what the Hall of Monuments is, it is a special way to be able to link Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 together. This was done like this because the game takes place 250 years after the end of the first game and the stories that are used in Guild Wars Beyond. With it being so far in the future or after the first game you definitely can not have the same character from the first but you can use some of the achievements of your Guild Wars character in the sequel MMO. You access those achievements in the Hall of Monuments at The Eye of the North.

After the waking of the dragons and the breaking of the world the outpost of the Ebon Guard is a massive set of ruins. Only those that have achievements and their GW and GW2 accounts linked are able to access those ruins. The interior is completely blocked from the outside world and its wall shattered and crumbling from where it was damaged by Jormag, one of the Elder Dragons, when it awoke from its icy tomb in Drakkar Lake in the Far Shiverpeaks of Tyria. It is there that those that have the spirit of warriors past can enter to receive their gifts or rewards.

The Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator, which allowed Guild Wars players to calculate how many points they had earned in the original games for use in Guild Wars 2, will show players just what awards they have earned. I say earned because it really is based on what a player had accomplished and gathered together in the first Guild Wars game. I can honestly say that it was thrilling to click on the portal stone and be able to be in The Eye Of The North once again and to see the shattered remains of the Hall Of Monuments.

The hall is not completely empty, there are others there or should I say shades of others there that died within its walls. They are there to guild you and answer questions as well as give you the gifts of the past that you have earned the right to use. You can claim those by speaking with Kimmes the Historian that stands on a giant lily pad on the Eye’s scrying poll itself. He has been waiting these past 2 centuries to give his items to someone that was able to claim them. Even with the great hall in ruins it is a sight to see and very nostalgic when being there. It makes you want to open the old game to see what more you can accomplish and do. And what you do in Guild Wars and enter into the HoM will be reflected in what you see in the GW2 HoM. You can even get a Orange Tabby Cat and an Orrian Baby Chicken mini-pet.

Another interesting find in The Eye Of The North complex is that of animal companions that your ranger character is able to tame. There are several, even an aquatic one. You will find in the Hall a Black Moa, a Rainbow Jellyfish in the scrying pool, a white falcon and a black widow spider. They are all just siting there waiting for your ranger to claim them for their own.

Now you know that the HoM portal stone will take you to the Eye and the way to leave is just as easy, you can use the stone, use the entry point which is the sparkling green floating star or you can walk through the Asura Gate that is there to return from where you came. You definitely want to get your Hall filled in Guild Wars so that you can full access to this place. It doesn’t really give you a great advantage but it does give you a lot of cool cosmetics that can be applied to your armor and weapons as well as some new pets that you might not otherwise have access to right away.

What a great way to start the new game and take care of its old past players.

In the gallery above you will see two characters in medium armor, the Charr is wearing starter armor and the Sylvari is wearing armor that has been modified with the items available from Kimmes. Also the human character is wearing the light armor for the Mesmer class.