Green City

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

What is about Melesta’s time management games that are so frustrating? Did their game testers finish levels at super fast speeds, therefore all those other casual gamers should, too? If it were not for the clock, this game might not have been so testing. While the concept is sound, and actually should be practiced IRL, as a casual game, it needed more of something, and that was time.
The graphics were pretty much the standard you find in most building games, and patterns were, too. Build this little house, upgrade it three times, sell it or destroy it, put down something bigger and better, and keep up the surrounding areas with green places, like parks, and keep things running energy efficient, and this time, you go as energy efficient as possible since this is a Green City. If is did not take so long to get the funds from your peeps to add more crews and buy properties, it could be a very fun place, too. Melesta, you really need to slow those clocks down, then the rest of us might be able to catch up with you guys over there. You gave us quite a good ride with Jo’s Organic Coffee, so maybe you will get away from the Farm Frenzy craziness and listen to your players. After all, if it were not for them, you would not still be here.