Grandma’s Boy : A movie that proves your never to old to come of age.

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Anyone whom is a fan of the Scooby-Doo movies and video games will really enjoy this crazy comedy about a thirty-something videogame tester that find his way out of dire straits in an unconventional way. Allen Covert is Alex, a weed-toking dude that live for video games. He is also the oldest tester at his game development company. He can take on any of the many young geeks he works with in any game, but a new game comes into play when a new executive comes in to look over the ending stages of a new game to hit the market soon. Linda Cardellini is Samantha, a pretty woman with a knack for games, and knows how to deal with the virginal crew she has to work with, including the brilliant, but very strange genius, J.P. (Joel David Moore) whose game designs are what the company is best known for.

One day, as Alex and his roommate, Josh, are getting stoned and playing games, some big guys come in and start removing their stuff from their apartment. Alex finds this very strange, and finds out that Josh (Jonathan Loughran) has been spending their rent money at a Filipino brothel. They get kicked out, and Josh moves down to the brothel, and leaves Alex to fend for himself. Alex finds out at a wedding that his Grandma Lily’s (Doris Roberts) roommate died, but he doesn’t think much of it the time. At first, he spends the night with his friend, Jeff, an adult that still lives with his parents, even though he calls them his “roommates”. Jeff pretty much a big kid that still sleeps in a car-shaped bed and has stuffed animals in his room. Alex crashes out on a pool raft in Jeff’s room, but has trouble sleeping, and decides to relieve some stress in that popular way most grown males do, and this becomes a very awkward moment between Alex and Jeff’s mother (Katherine Ann McGregor), and Alex ends up crashing at the office.

This office features some the oddest people you may or may not ever want to work with. The boss, Mr. Cheezle (Kevin Nealon), is a New Age vegan and yoga master. His star developer, J.P. talks like a robot when he gets stressed and dresses like he’s been living in The Matrix. You have a very cute, but neurotic tester, Kane (Kelvin Yu) that feels like his life is a big fail, thanks to J.P.’s arrogance. The big kid, Jeff, and the plump and awkward Barry (Jonah Hill). Add Dante (Peter Dante), the neighborhood weed dealer that experiments with just about anything, and you have Alex’s circle of friends, and it is about to get bigger, with the exception of J.P. J.P. sees Alex as his professional enemy because of his cool attitude and his smooth-talking ways with the prettiest woman at work, Samantha.

As Alex is still looking for a new place, he runs into his grandmother, and she offers him her late roommate’s room. So now he lives and Grandma Lily’s with her two elderly roommates, whom are as different from her as can be. Bea (Shirley Knight) seems to live on a constant diet of pharmaceuticals, and Grace (Shirley Jones) is the ultimate cougar whom has been playing the field since the 1930s, if not earlier. They appreciate having a strong man about the house to take care of chores they can’t do so well anymore. Every day, Alex comes to work exhausted, and cannot keep his focus on the game they are trying to crank out to meet a deadline on. He claims to his co-workers that he is always tired, because this three new roommates are freaky women that are using him as their new boy-toy. One day, the cat is let loose from the bag, and soon a youth and age conference can’t get any funnier, especially when Dante adds his own herbal blend into the mix.

This movie is really not recommended for family viewing, but for those whom are old enough to enjoy a geeky comedy about gaming, sex, drugs, and even karaoke, you are going to love it. Being that it is a Happy Madison production, the label says it all.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆