Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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GTA Vice City
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is set in the Mid-80’s. The landscape looks like Miami. This game is about person named Tommy Vercetti. He was going to make deal with some Cuban drug dealer, but things don’t turn out right. Some French guys try to kill him. Luckily, Tommy escapes from them. Now, he has to get all the money back and those drugs for his friend and boss, Sonny, before he becomes a dead man. Could he be a dead man? Find out when you are playing this game!

When this came out for the PS2, Moms that grow up in the 80’s wanted this game so badly, and my mom is one of them. I couldn’t play this game back when it first came out because, I was too little to play this and I was a third grader. Now, finally to play it because I’m 21. The graphics look like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Yes, this game looks like a N64 game instead of a PS2 game, but it is still an awesome game. The gameplay rocks! The gameplay runs like GTA III. This game has an awesome soundtrack. Some songs are in Rock Band and some of the songs are in Saints Row, as well. I always list to V Rock because that radio station has all the Heavy Metal songs on there. Vice City is a great game to play, and it will take you a long while to beat the game. You can’t just rush to the end. This game is open world, so, you can fun driving around Vice City and you can be good person help police for some time, but in this game your just a man doing dirty work for the bad guys. Vice City is great game to play on the PS2. This game is also for the Android as well. So, if you don’t own a PS2, you can download it your Android.