God of War

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god of war
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

God of War is a game that has lots of blood, violence, and some sexual content. Most of this game has Blood and violence. Me and my best friend played this game often. Back than we had PlayStation 2, and we could not stop playing God of War. She beat the game before me. It took 9 hours to beat the game on PS2. Now, I have the God of War Collection on the PS3 and it is little bit harder.

The graphics look clearer now than before. When I played the PS2 version, it was fine, and it does look pretty good for the PS2, but the PS3 version looks great! The gameplay runs like Devil May Cry. When I was playing this game, I said, “Hey! It runs like Devil May Cry.” Devil May Cry is pretty good game, but God of War is better. The sound is much better now. When I was playing it on the PS2 version, The sound was little bit off. The sound on the PS3 version is better now than before. This game is about a mortal, Kratos. The gods of Olympus had abandoned Kratos. He was a warrior of Olympus. Now, Kratos want to fight against Ares, the God of War. Kratos was Ares’ puppet, because went Kratos was fighting a war against the barbarians, he called on Ares to destroy his enemies and his life. Kratos did some wrong things in the past because he was working with Ares. That is why Kratos wants to fight against Ares.

This game has 5% of Sexual content and 95% blood and violence. You will see some scantily-clad women running around in this game. You see a lot of breasts. This game is not like Call of Duty and there are no guns in this game. It just a mortal ripping and cutting monster body parts off, and this not set in modern day. This game go back in ancient Greece. If you played this game before on the PS2, and you want try it on the PS3, get the God of War Collection then or if you like blood, gore, and violence, play God of War.