Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

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A man with a curse looks to find a way out and has to save the Devil’s own son to do it. From how that sounds this film should have been one hell of a flick to see but instead it was almost a chore to watch it. Several times while watching it my family and I would look at each other to see who wanted to turn it off. The consensus was that we paid for it we might as well finish watching it. Then during the film my son was going through his list of friends to see who might want to buy it from us. Does that tell you anything about what we were watching? It sure wasn’t the Ghost Rider we saw in the first film and if they make another I hope it is with the blessings and support from Marvel Comics because this one didn’t look like it had any support at all except for a wing and a pray and small ones at that.

While some might like the film and its almost 3D effects, I don’t know why they even tried to shoot it in 3D, I found myself constantly wanting to turn the film off. The acting seemed forced and there was no natural flow to what was going on. Maybe they cut too much out or possibly the script writer didn’t have enough time to work on it but one thing was for sure it looked like Nicolas Cage didn’t even want to be there at all and it showed in his acting. If the people making this film had spent as much time working on the film as they did the promos and hype this might have been a decent film to see. The plot was decent enough and could have been something to really run with but this film just dropped the ball. Scenes seemed to be cut short and just stuffed in so that there could be explosions more then needed.

From the makers of Crank indeed, I know another film that I wont be seeing any time soon if Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance is an indication of what the producers and makers of this film have done here. I bet Nicolas Cage and Christopher Lambert are glad this film is over so that they can start to pretend that it never even happened. The film barely followed the first and with it not having the support of Marvel and the studios it couldn’t even get any of the film footage from the first to tie it all in together. The film wasn’t even made in North America but over seas instead. It’s like they were trying to hide out or something to get the film made. Throwing in the insane angle bit for this film just seems a bit much just like the wine obsessed priest that pours out cheap wine. This film is cheap wine.

If I would have rented the film I could have said, “Oh, well it was only a rental” but I PAID for the film and am damned glad that I didn’t pay extra to get it in 3D. As I said many of the scenes that are in the film don’t even need a 3D effect so why even bother to pay for it unless it was just to throw a WOW factor at audiences. I have seen bad SyFy pictures that were better then this one and you know those were cheaper to make. So, some will like it just because there is a 3D version and some just because of Nicolas and some just because it is Ghost Rider. I can tell you this, the film just like the cloths the rider is wearing, have been dipped in tar and set ablaze just so it can seem brighter then it really is.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆