Geology vs. God….wait… What?

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It’s all over the news, and has been for some time now. The earth’s subduction zones are being a bit more vocal than usual. Maybe Gaia is just stretching a bit. With a 24,901.55 miles waistline, that can be a pretty rough bit of movement, but if we look at maps of the earth from the past, and present, we can sort of predict a future of geological cycles. Geologist Christopher R. Scotese came up with the Paleomap project years ago as an educational aid for science classes. These maps not only give us a look at the earth through early prehistory, from the Late Precambrian period to the Ice Age, but we see our current earth, as well as speculation on what a future earth might look like from 50 million, to 250 million years from now. That’s 4+ billion years of subduction plates shifting around….. wait… What’s that you say? How could there be maps of what the earth might have looked like 650 million years ago when Yahweh created the earth about 10,000 years ago? Oh, I see, Yahweh has a sense of humour and placed all this falsely dated stuff out there to keep humans digging around to prove him wrong. I might expect something like that from Loki, a god whose sphere is mischief, but Yahweh? A very jealous Hebrew war god who hates just about everything humanity does if they do not worship him. A war god who will punish you eternally if you might have a bit of hedonistic fun. He has a sense of humour? Something doesn’t seem right here. Massive earthquake activity a sign of the End Times? Well, let’s look back into Earth’s recent history and see how many times we thought the End Times might be upon us in… say… the last hundred years.

So, it seems there is a pattern of activity about every 20 years, and the Ring of Fire is the hardest hit, because, it’s the Ring of Fire! Yes, Haiti is included because the Carribbean Plate cuts right under Hispanola. Just watch the movie Fast & Furious, and take a good look at those mountains in that scene where they are hijacking a truck in the Dominican Republic. That’s the country that shares Hispanola with Haiti. Those mountains just scream new growth. If zealots want to scream “End Times” every 20 years, so be it, but somehow, we get through it, even though we get pushed back a bit in our progress. To keep saying that Yahweh is punishing people with natural violent geological activity, it just pure ignorance. Even though I am a Pagan by choice, I do believe in the sciences. The gods might give us mysteries to solve, and bring on new ones. They work in mysterious ways, but that does not mean we cannot solve the mysteries they put before us.

There have been massive earthquakes and erupting volcanoes since the earth sat out in space waiting for that push that would make it what it is now. Geologically, the planet never stops growing, and in places that are most vulnerable to place activity, there are earthquakes. If you look at the USGS maps of worldwide tremor activity, you will see spots where there are earthquakes everyday, some in places you would never expect, but they are so deep and minor they rarely register a blip on a seismograph. Just like with the warming and cooling cycles of the earth, even the rock we walk on goes through changes. Before another zealot goes on a End Times, which has been happening for almost 2000 years now, maybe we might have to just think that this world of ours is not our home, but that we are her pets, and we need to keep her calm and love her while she cares for us. Go on and talk about the end of the world as we know it, but that’s just it, AS WE KNOW IT. Some things are going to change no matter what, and it that means building to a better standard to keep ourselves safer in the wake of natural disasters, then that is a change we all might just be able to live with.