Gem Shop

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This grid of gems gets about as basic as it can. It can also be one very frustrating game, because, unless you establish a pattern, you will never seem to get past level 15. Your little “customers”, which are represented by emotional spheres with faces on them, are about the least patient things to come into a casual game, and you have to appease them with fancy coffee, candy, or free gifts. You buy these by using tokens, and you tend to end up playing the game not to match up the gems to get the various pendants, pins, rings and such that the little spheres are wanting, but to gain tokens to keep these things happy. This game does have extremely clear graphics, but the Regency-era string quartet music in the background does not really keep you going. You might find yourself addicted to Gem Shop, because there is an online ratings list, and you’ll be wanting to check your rank. Also, you might find yourself wanting to break that level 15 ceiling. The secret? Do you best to hold back all your cash and tokens from the first few levels so that you can get the high end items in your inventory. Once that is done, when one of those little spheres asks for a big bit of bling, you’ll have it ready, and will have some leftover cash and some tokens to get those gifts to keep the spheres happy.

There are many business-based games out there, mostly time management ones, but this was one of the first out there with a Match 3 format, and it has been out for quite some time now. If you haven’t run across it until today, it most likely got lost in the huge pile of casual games like something from a hidden object mystery game. Give it a try, but don’t be surprised of you find yourself slamming your fists down on your desk, and looking up at the ceiling and yelling, “Dammit!” when you fail at those levels after 12. You can play again, but after so many tries, why bother?