Garden Dash

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FunFactor: ★★★½☆ 

Garden Dash is another in the long line of games that started with the original Diner Dash years ago. Many of the original characters that were merely customers passing through Flo’s themed diners in the past games have now developed to have their own games, and this one focuses on Barb, the well-tipping, always eating on the run workaholic. Barb works for Mr. Big, whom we met in Diner Dash 2, and she has worked herself into a stressed out frenzy. Everyone wants her to take a vacation before she crashes altogether, sort of like Susan Swallows did in The Vampires of Bloody Island.

Flo suggests Barb take up gardening to relax, and Barb decides not only will in be relaxing, but profitable. She starts a rooftop garden, and there is where the time management kicks in. Like in the previous Diner Dash games, we have the colour match-ups for bonus points, the chaining of duplicate actions, but you might lose your head a little in Garden Dash because there is so much to keep track of. Certain plants require special attention, and you can’t just use the same chain actions for everything. Some levels might take a few tries before passing them. This game certainly keeps you on your toes. If you are big fan of the Diner Dash games, you will really like seeing one of the base game characters in their own game.