Galaxy Quest

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

While this game has nothing to do with the movie Galaxy Quest, although I was hoping it would, it is still a fun outer space adventure that is similar to a bust-a-move style game, but feature square crystals instead of marbles. We can chose from two main characters to play, a space explorer or a spaceship captain that goes looking for the missing explorer. You might see many similarities in characters from your favourite sci-fi films in this game, and there is enough techo-babble dialogue in between puzzles to maintain the theme.

In game, the more crystals you destroy, the more access you have to tools that will ease your game play, but the timing goals they give you to reach gold or silver status is a bit unrealistic. Although, when I tested the game, I was under the influence of Percocet and Carolan’s Irish Cream, so my personal experience might have been a bit flawed. Still, Galaxy Quest is a very fun game with a great twist on the Match 3 puzzle theme. Unlike the bust-a-move games, the puzzle never comes crashing down on you, but it will move upwards and make you spend more time on it if you place squares in the wrong place. The graphics and sound more than make up for the lack of goal time given. I’ll just have to try this game again sometime when I’m a bit more sober.