Galactic Express

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Cleave is been a big fan of the Express games series, and when he saw me testing this one out, he’s like, “Oh! We are so getting this one!” Turns out his instincts were right on the money, because Galactic Express is really fun!

In this game, we load cargo spaceships as they leave Earth and head to the moon, and with every successful level conquered on beyond the Sol System. Galactic Express is somewhat like a Tetris game, but we can chose which packages we place into the cargo holds, and earn extra points for special items, like meds, tools, batteries and such. These case have a certain shape that works best in corners or tight places. The only drawback is we never seem to get that one tiny 1×1 package that will fill those little spaces. Still, sending out a ship at 98% capacity is not so bad.

Packages also are colour-coded, and if you fill a hold with all one colour, you will receive bonuses that can be used for upgrades. If you enjoyed any of the Express time management games in the past, you will love this one. It still has the simple, strategic gameplay, but the stunning outer space graphics really set this one apart from previous games. The addiction will come back to you, and you will soon find yourself heading to Alpha Centari and wondering were all the time went. Galactic Express? Highly recommended!