Forever Knight : 13th century vampire. 20th century cop.

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If you were lucky enough to catch late night TV back in the early and mid 1990s, you most likely were caught up in one of the best syndicated shows that Canada had to offer. Based on an 80s film, Nick Knight, starring Aussie pop rocker and soap star, Rick Springfield, this small screen take far surpassed its film namesake in every way.

Take the original concept, move it further east and north, and bring not an Aussie to play the part of our frustrated vampire, but a Welshman (Geraint Wyn-Davies) instead. Keep the original partner cop from the first movie, Det. Don Schanke, played by the very flexible supporting actor from many 1980s teen films, from Sixteen Candles to Weird Science (John Kapelos). Another twist is now Nick’s best friend, a pathologist that knows Nick’s secrets, Dr. Jack Brittington (Robert Harper) is now just as brilliant, but far more pretty as Dr. Natalie Lambert (Catherine Disher).

Nick was brought over just after the Crusades by LaCroix (Nigel Bennett), a vampire that was turned during the first century in Imperial Rome, and was also an immortal companion to the mysterious and lovely Janette DuCharme (Deborah Duchene), whom was brought over about two hundred years before Nick. These are the main players in a TV series that was bold for its time. These are the classic vampires, seemingly right out of Anne Rice’s novels. Nick works as a homicide detective in Toronto on the night shift, and craves to be mortal again. Natalie is helping him to come back over using science, but there is lots of wild chemistry going on between them. Lacroix is always looking after his “kids”, and hoping that Nick never finds the cure to become mortal again.

Through the years that this show was on, we saw many crimes, historical flashbacks into the lives of Nick, Janette, and LaCroix, from the destruction of Pompeii to hunting down the Viet Cong in the early 70s, these three got around. There we many grisly murders to solve, some involving night creatures, some done in by just guns, poison, etc.

Some episodes were scary, some even funny, and some downright strange, but this chronicle of a vampire trying to come back over is not to be missed. There have been other shows similar to Forever Knight, like Angel and the anime Nightwalker: Midnight Detective so it is good to know that there are good vampires out there that don’t sparkle like sun elves.

If you love the vampire culture or just want a fun gothic show to watch, check out Forever Knight.