For Fear Of Corn

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For those with a food allergy you know just how difficult they can be when going to the store to shop for groceries. For those with a corn sensitivity or a corn allergy it makes you want to cry when you go to the store. You see all the foods that you ate when you were a kid and you can’t even be around them any more. Heck, corn alcohol is being used now for perfumes and cleaners which make things even worse. Its one thing to be allergic but when that allergy causes you to be afraid of shopping you know that there is a real problem going on. Back in the day when wheat allergies and peanut allergies were first starting to surface people would scoff at them. They would say that the person was just faking it or something. Sometimes they would say it was just to get attention or some kind of other food. No matter what in the end it was proven that those people did indeed have an allergy to those substances and food labels changed to reflect that. Now if they would just take us corn sufferers seriously and start listing things properly.

It was a few years ago, around 2000-2002 that I started to have a problem with HFC, High Fructose Corn Syrup. Any time that I would ingest it I would cramp something awful and even have trouble breathing. At that time I just avoided that one thing and everything seemed fine. A few years after that Dextrose, a sugar made from corn, started causing me to have heart palpitations and make it hard to breath as well as cause nausea. So I started avoiding that until actual corn, at least the genetically modified corn from the United States, started to dry out my mouth and make it hard to think. As you can see this was a progressive thing. Many would say just to live with it but you have no idea how hard that really is.

Did you know that most major brands of salt, at least the ones that are iodized, use dextrose to bind the iodine to the salt? That’s right, there is sugar in your salt. Just that one thing makes me fearful every time I see the word salt in the ingredient list. I have to read every single label of everything that I buy. Some labels will list the iodine and the dextrose while others do not, they just say salt. How am I supposed to stay away from the stuff that does harm to me if I do not even know what is in it. Every time that I think about it, it just makes me so mad. I have to spend 3 to 4 times the amount of time shopping then other people and I can’t even get the things that I really want.

Next time you go shopping look at the labels and you will see what I mean: Dextrose, HFC, Modified Corn Starch or Corn Sugar and the list goes on. Even the so called “Natural Flavor” can possibly be made of corn. If I can not see all the ingredients I just don’t or cant buy it. Even when we go out to eat I have to get a plain leaf lettuce salad and put my own salt on it with nothing else. Why? Because I am afraid of what might be in everything else, even the croutons. I can’t even buy cure ham any more unless it comes from Europe and even them I have to be couscous.

Here is what modified corn products do to me and it happens every time corn gets into my system. My mouth dries out, I get the shakes, I start seeing things out of the corner of my eyes that are not even there. My heart will race and my breathing will become shallow, I will get dizzy and have trouble thinking straight. I will sometimes even think I am someplace other then the place that I am. Now I could take allergy medications to help with some of this but guess what, they use CORN STARCH in the pills! Give me a break! Do you see why I am so fearful of corn and what it does to me? Do you see why I could get so upset when going to the store?

So the next time you go shopping look at the labels and see what it is that you really are eating. If you see a grown man crying or cursing in the isle, don’t worry, it will probably me seeing another food taken away from my ability to eat. I have to be so damned careful and even have to make my own mayonnaise and cure my own ham and bacon. I so wish I could have a steak but they add “Natural Flavors” to it and I just don’t know what they are using to add those flavor.

What the hell ever happened to good clean unpolluted and fun food? Click here to see all the stuff that corn could be in! Do you see why I am so scared?