Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

From the mysterious and macabre world of 19th Century France to the modern day corporate world of the business of pharma and fitness, we are going to lighten things up with Fitness Bustle: Energy Boost! As with the modern day world of GMOs and quick fixes in the forms of pills and energy bars, we are going to be a little more wise to the ways of old fashioned work outs in a high energy environment.

When Daisy and her friend run into a salesman trying to push Gristleman’s Energy Pills on them while jogging in the park one day, and they see how worn down the young man is, Daisy’s friend says that she had tried the pills, too. She just felt worn down after using them. (GMO corn additives, anyone?) As they go further along, they find a local gym for sale, and soon, Daisy opens up the gym, and suddenly, everyone is curious to see if real exercise is better than Gristleman’s pills, and then starts the crazy train.

We now have people of all ages coming in to try out the equipment, from a merry-go-round treadmill to stationary bikes to boxing dummies, the patrons take to the gym very well, but they can become impatient if they have to wait around for very long, but there are ways to take care of that with upgrades, as simple as upbeat music and misting fans to very soft and luxurious relaxation stations with soothing music via headphones while they wait for a new workout area to open up. Daisy and her personal training crew are very supportive and with our help can attend to everyone, but they don’t always need help, which is not so bad. Keep everyone hydrated, happy, and healthy, and you’ll get a great score per level. Also, this game has realistic time goals, so you might find it to be very satisfactory. If only a real workout could be as much fun as Fitness Bustle.