Final Fantasy XIII

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

For all Final Fantasy games of the series, the one that I hate is Final Fantasy XIII. This game about pressing buttons and watching a movie instead playing the game. This was the most disappointing Final Fantasy game for a single player game that I had ever played so far. Final Fantasy XIV: Online, according to other reviews, would be even worse than this game. This game is boring, and it will put you to sleep. Lucky me, I drink some coffee, soda, or water to wake me up. I didn’t play this game at night, because you will fall asleep very easy at night.

Final Fantasy XIII is a very short game, thank the gods!. I beat this game in 19 hours instead 60 hours. Final Fantasy VII took me 60 hours and three weeks to beat that game but, if you play this game, you will beat this game a day or two. Final Fantasy game are supposed to be long, not short. Hey, at least it this game is longer than Call of Duty is. The gameplay of this game was confusing and disappointing. The battle system isn’t like Final Fantasy VII or X at all. It was very disappointing. If one of your party members died, than it is game over. At least you didn’t have to start back from the save point. In this game you didn’t have to wait in turn to battle now. If want to have a battle with some monsters, you have to run to them. So, it is like Xenosaga, but Xenosaga is better than this game.

The graphics looks amazing. That is the good reason of this game. It looks like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. I’m thinking this game should be movie or a TV series instead of a game. I’m very disappointed with Square Enix. Their Final Fantasy series are about to die soon. Lately, the newer Final Fantasy games are getting worse. Final Fantasy XIII-2 wasn’t all that good at all. Final Fantasy XIV: Online looked worse and I am glad I didn’t play that game. I would be very angry if I played it. There are two more Final Fantasy game are coming out soon. One is on the PS3 and the other is on the PS4. One on the PS3 is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and one more is going to be on the PS4 is Final Fantasy XV. I looked at FF15 and I don’t think I want it. If you want a Final Fantasy game, stay away from this game. Get the ones for the PSone and PS2, not the one on the PS3 and PS4.