Final Fantasy X

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Final Fantasy X is a pretty good game and the first Final Fantasy game on the PlayStation 2. This game is about a young man named Tidus and young summoner named Yuna. Those two have to destroy Sin, to bring peace to Spira. Tidus is from Zanarkand, the city lost souls. Zanarkand wasn’t like that. Zanarkand was like New York City. Sin attacked Zanarkand a thousand years ago. So, that’s why Tidus has to find Sin, so he can go home. Yuna has to fight Sin, so she can bring peace to Spira. She have to serve her order to defeat Sin. She was still alive after she defeated Sin.

Yuna is really cute. She has alot of guardians that they protect her. They are Tidus, Wakka, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, and Kimahri. This game is mostly religion and sports. The reason why sports because there is a sport named Blitzball. Blitzball is like soccer in the water. I played Blitzball and I hated it. It really is a pain.

The gameplay in this game does runs like similar to FF VII, but in the different why. In this game, you can switch your characters in battle. In the other Final Fantasy games that where on the NES, Snes, and PSone, couldn’t do that, but Final Fantasy X, you can do it now. The graphics looks really good on the PS2. This game came out the same time when Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, but I’m thinking this game has better graphics. Why? Because this game have more detail than MGS2 did.

The gameplay runs still the same the other old Final Fantasy game does, but this one is different. When you are in the battle, you switch out characters every time. That is really cool. Final Fantasy X is great to get on the PS2 and one of my top best PS2 games of time. This game is coming for the PS3. The PS3 version is going to look alot better than the PS2 version. FF X is great and you need to get for PS2 or PS3, because it is a great game you need to play. And I’m thinking this game is way better than FF7. This game is one best Final Fantasy game that I ever of the series. So, if you still like the old school Final Fantasy game, you will Final Fantasy X better than the other FF games.