Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete

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Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenThis was for the love of the fans of FFVII, Final Fantasy VII the arguably the most popular game that Square has ever released. I think it might have been even the longest title for game play, but that’s me and this is not a review of the game but that of the movie. Fans around the world really Really REALLY need to see and collect this one, if you don’t then you just are not a fan.

Cloud, our wonderfully emo ex-soldier is about to become involved in one of his greatest adventures yet. The world is in chaos and dieing as people are being infected with Geostigma. Jenova cells by way of Sephiroth dieing and going into the life stream have contaminated it which is the base for the sickness. Very few people enter the stream and remain intact, most are dissolved to become part of the cycle and are not able to interact with it except as a global Gae life stream force. Cloud and Aerith are the only ones that we know of, till now, that have been able to survive the life stream and only Cloud came back out of it.

The whole crew is back together to be able to fight the remnants of Sephiroth, Kadaj’s gang. As true with the game there are many sword fights, materia use, creature summons and even the summoning of Bahamut himself and he is summoned for the bad guys. It is Cloud himself that is able to banish the summoned beast before he has to go on to fight Kadaj himself who eventually absorbs Jenova and becomes Sephiroth.

This is a must own film that is going to be loved by several generations of gamers and anime lovers alike just as I am sure the game will be as well. If you have not yet seen this film you are missing so much and the extras that have been added to Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete make it a definite must own. So get your butts out of the ruins of Midgard and see this film now.

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