Fate Of The Pharaoh

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you ever wondered what it would be like to be Pharaoh, not as its the end of everything Pharaoh but in a fun way then this game is going to be really fun for you. If you love to play games where you get to build all sorts of buildings and eventually a city then this is also the game for you as well. This is one of those fun casual games that even though it is time managed you can still be very relaxed when you play it. There seems to be no stress at all when you are playing this game and if you mess up just start the level over. The levels are not all that long in the beginning so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time that you try them. This game is the perfect way to just wind down and do what ever and it is fun as well.

Each level starts out with your advisor telling you what you need to do to complete the area that you are working on. You might be wondering why you have to repair all the villages and towns anyway, well it is because you just took your massive army and kicked the invaders out of your kingdom. Everyone loves that you got rid of the evil raiders but now you need to turn your attention to the people that have been affected by the wars. You need to make sure that you have housing and proper support so that they can survive and prosper. The more prosperous they are the more taxes you are able to collect from them. As long as you keep their homes sound, the water flowing and the animals at bay then they are not going to mind your collection of the taxes. If you don’t take care of them then they wont pay you at all. So the richer you make their lives the richer the government can become.

There are many hazards to overcome in the game, in the beginning they are nothing more then fallen logs that need to be cleared from the paths so that you can maintain the lots. As the game goes on you start to see more dangerous creatures such as cobras, crocodiles and even scorpions and more. When you click on the obstacles you are able to then send a worker or charmer out to take care of the obstacle. If you don’t get the obstacle or hazard removed you wont be able to access the plots that are on the other side of them. You might be tempted to just get ride of all the obstacles at once but if you do you wont have the resources to build your support buildings as in wells and quarries. There are other buildings but they come latter in the game, in the beginning those are the 2 most important ones to make sure that you have. So it benefits you to make sure the quarry is built and one tax paying resident, after that build the well and then the rest of the town as the your royal advisor instructs you. If you do this then you are not going to have too much to worry about as you will always have supplies, income and water for your people.

As was mentioned this game does have time management as well in the form of The Time Of Ra. What the Time Of Ra is, it is the time that you need to make a master or expert score on that particular level. Every time that you re able to complete tasks in The Time Of Ra you get credit toward trophies and bonuses in your game. If you don’t do it in the Time Of Ra you could just try the level over or just finish the level out and then try again at a later time. Its not a one shot sorry you didn’t make it type of game. The game is made so that you can have fun and not have to stress about every little thing. Sure you have to click all over the board but it doesn’t nag you to death that repairs, taxes and water have to be taken care of. It is good to take care of them as quickly as you can but you don’t have to be a mad man clicker because when you do tell a worker to take care of it, it will get done.

This is one game that this reviewer believes everyone will be able to enjoy and have fun with, especially those that love time management and builder type games. It lets you feel that you are in charge and feel like you are helping others to succeed as you yourself as the Pharaoh succeeds. This is going to be a game that you don’t soon forget after you have tried it out.