Fashion Season

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Here is a retro 2000s style puzzle game that focuses on fashion and fun. You are running a boutique, not unlike the one in Gem Shop, where you earn tokens to get new designs and goodies for your customers. It might seems easy at first, but the levels do get harder in this arcade puzzle game. Not only are you matching the various accessories on the grid, but you are filling the void in colours, items, and you get some tools along the way, like a paint fill that will fill a spot randomly to any colour. There are watches that stop the ever-moving grid you you can catch up and fill in the spaces, plus bonus tokens on certain items.

As you go up in levels, you might find it a bit frustrating to match the goals that the developers have set for you, but if you can squirrel away enough cash and tokens, you can get that big score from the snootier customers. There are things you can give them to keep them more patient, like gifts and fancy coffee, but don’t blow through those things too fast, you’ll need the for the next level. Magazines are 1 token, coffee is 2, and gifts are 3. Keep an eye out on the grid during level play for those bonus tokens. You will need them later. Even though gas prices have come down, and the holidays have brought us down along with them, you can still get in some shopping in Fashion Season.