Fashion Forward

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

If you are fan of the Cake Mania games, then Fashion Forward might just be likable for you, since it plays pretty much the same way, and is also made by Sandlot Games. Unlike the cake game, this retail time management set-up is a bit more chaotic. Before each level, you get an option to buy new collections for your stores, in both male or female fashions, and these items are added to your inventory. You also have the option to add upgrades to the store itself to aid in customer patience by offering a more pleasing atmosphere or little sweet treats to calm your customers down.

Risha’s plan was simple, after becoming a successful indie film director, she wanted to just take a girl’s day out and go shopping, but she could only find tiny clothes for Hollywood-type bodies. So where do the people that make these movies shop, the directors, the editors, the gaffers, and all those other people we see listed on those rolling movie credits? So now, Risha is opening a retail shop for people in Hollywood that work behind the scenes, and even though the concept is good, basing the gameplay on the Cake Mania franchise was not such a good execution.

There was too much added too soon into the game, as per the giftwrapping, and those annoying customers that could cause others to lose their train of thought on what they want for a time while we take care of him or her. We do get a reprieve when the teen boys and girls show up together, and they are too busy flirting to notice that we might slow down a bit, and just like with the cake game, we have the old lady with her little dog. Feeding this sweet old woman treats is a good way to keep her patient, since she gives them to her teacup pup, and loves the fact that we love her pet as much as she does.

This game had lots of potential to be better than it is, but the originality in the gameplay mechanics was lacking. Don’t try to sell me another Cake Mania game in a new package, because there are already too many as it is.