Farmers Market

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Now that the harvest is rolling in, the farmers markets across the world are filled with bounty in some places, not so much in others, depending on how certain regions fared over the summer with the weird weather. Not really missing the lack of genetically modified corn or soybeans, I found the time to look into this little time management game of a Farmers Market.

This is one Farmers Market that seems a bit tedious to keep running. You have base resources being brought in by local farmers, and little stalls that are selling products made from the base resources. So, you are always sending market workers to get the items you need. Not only that, the resource sellers themselves have to upgrade their wares so your secondary sellers can have oil or butter, along with milk and corn. Sure, this must smell great to all your little green shoppers, until someone forgets to empty the trashcans, so you have to send your little market workers to clean the place up, or you’ll get very annoyed by the sound of buzzing flies.

There is also entertainment at the little Farmers Market, and you can add bandstands and other attractions, but to make this game a bit more exciting, they might have wanted to go this route:

…. and it seems I am not allowed to show the old Gallagher Geico commercial here any more, but I’m sure you might have seen it by now…