Farm Tribe

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I had played similar games to Farm Tribe before, and although they can become addictive once you get far along into the game, getting started can be rough. This game started off slow moving while I was trying to get my new workers into place. As Anny, the daughter of an archeologist whom is searching for some Mayan mysteries, you take over the farm in the jungle that is going to fund Father’s research. You grow crops, and gather berries to make products for the local restaurants at the resorts at the nearby beaches, but meanwhile, hold back some of your products to take care of your workers in not only foods, but using funds to make your little farming community comfortable and a great place to not only work, but live.

Your workers fish for trout in the river, harvest raspberries to make jam, and create other local dishes the tourists just can’t get enough of. Some workers are put in the lab to discover new items to sell or new ways to make old products better. While this game is slow moving, once there is a good cash flow, and the ability to hire new workers comes more quickly the game gets better. The biggest downside, and the reason for the low Fun Factor score is the slow start up. The graphics are pretty much average, and oddly, your farmhands tend to look somewhat like birds, which was a little disturbing. There are many farming sims out there, and while Farm Tribe is more like the Virtual Villagers game series, your farm is not isolated on some remote island here, nor is this game running in real time. If you have the patience to build something pretty nice on a jungle farm, then you might just be the gamer that the Farm Tribe is looking for.