Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes had much potential, but could have used an option to play it untimed. While the graphics were cute, and the idea of using boars to mine for ore and creating weapons was good, the fact that you could not go to the next level in the game unless you reached a gold or silver time stamp was unnerving.

A quick rundown, you are running not only a farming operation, but a mining one, as well as a foundry and a weaponsmithing center, and so on. Your various kinds of livestock help you with mining ore, chasing away invading bears, or capturing them to sell. These bears drop Jutenhelms, which help in upgrading your animals to a braver, more stout kind of animal that is less likely to be hunted by the bears. Not only do you capture these bears, mine oar, and make weapons, but you ship them down the fjords to other jarls for gold for when everyone goes goes a-viking next summer.

This game could have been much more fun if it were not for the timing. Sometimes you might have to replay a level a few times before figuring out the strategy that will get you under the bar. The game is graphic intensive, so there was lots of waiting through load screens, and the little longship that carried the goods out was just never big enough to hold all the goods you could store. Later on there would be upgrades to get a bigger storage facility or boat, but they needed to be there earlier on in the game. If you can get past the chaos in the early levels, this might be a good alternative to most farming sims out there, but if you are looking for a good Nordic-culture diversion, you might just want to watch How To Train Your Dragon instead.