Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

This version of Farm Frenzy could have been so much better and far less frustrating if it were not for those silly time limits and demands put upon the players to finish a level in very strictly allotted time. Sure you get a score for completing a level, but you cannot continue to the next level until you at least beat the silver time limit. So, you might find yourself going through the same level over and over again until you can meet Alawar Games’ demands. For some reason, they keep making these Farm Frenzy games with different themes, but the same flawed set up. Maybe the reason casual gamers and farming sim lovers keep buying them is in the hopes that they change the formulae and maybe let that time limit thing go.

In this version, Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar, we find our little farm girl heroine in the wilds of the island nation of Madagascar, taking a little self-guided tour, only to get very lost and start befriending lemurs. Madagascar is an exotic island filled with great things to export, and so we start a little egg farm where we harvest guinea eggs to process into egg powder, then into cookies, then into cakes, and so on down the line. Along the way, we fight off or capture orangutangs and use domestic creatures to help us keep other destructive animals under control. We use various modes of transport to get out goods to the ports and import items we can’t grow or process on site.

Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar takes the same formulae they use in pretty much all their games, and I might be testing a few others in the series to see if there have been any changes, but I’m not holding my breath. Until they can get out of the time allotment rut, and open up levels without having to pass under the silver bar. the Farm Frenzy games are going to be passed up by players like me. Maybe Alawar Games might loosen up some when they stop getting repeat business.