Fairly Twisted Tales: The Price Of A Rose

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

There are many variations on the theme of the story of Beauty and the Beast, from the classic French story, to King Kong, to the classic Fractured Fairy Tales of the 1960s.

While the media keeps giving us a new kind of take on this story, this interactive hidden object mystery is taking us back to the old story, where a French merchant in the 18th century got lost on his way home after a trading run, and found his way into the wrong garden, and picked the wrong flower. The merchant has three daughters, and while the older two wanted baubles and bows brought back form his trip, the youngest, Bella, merely wanted a flower, and that take us to where we are now. Investigating the kidnapping of Bella, and why the creature in that magical castle won’t let her go. While the movies we have seen kind of gloss over Bella’s family life, this game does go into more detail, not only about Bella, but her captor, as well.

We are playing through the eyes of one of her father, Raphael’s, friends from the trading caravan. We have a talent for tracking and using logic to find things out. We do get help from other people in Raphael’s employ, but we are still pretty much on our own about 90% of the time, and that beast is really tired of Bella’s family and colleagues poking around on his property. He gets downright Fuzzy Lumpkins about it.

I’d like to say I really enjoyed this game, but the same old formula and being used over and over again is making some of these game look alike. While I have run across some based on classic horror by writers like Poe and Lovecraft, these fairy tale HOMs could use some use some fracturing of their own. They are just getting to be a bit too serious. I suppose I’ll have to play a contemporary time management game to perk things up, or just watch a Fractured Fairy Tale.