Expeditions: Viking

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Expeditions Viking

Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

You are the successor to your father in a Viking village and you must fix the problems that your father created when he went looking for treasures on the British Isles. Every action that you do and every conversation that you have will determine if you have a successful rule or not. It will also have bearing on how your subjects feel about you and your ability to be able to have others follow you as you try and save your lands from a blood thirsty chieftain who has his sights on your lands.

This is one game that you just might find yourself wondering where the time went. This is not like your usual titles where everything is in 3D but you really wont care as the story draws you in as you are conversing with your subject one moment and then fighting the next in this turned base strategy RPG based on the Vikings and Norse history and mythology.

Most games have difficulty setting that are stock settings with no way to mix and match the options that you want. Expeditions: Viking by Logic Artists has settings like that but it also will allow you to choose how hard or easy different aspect of the game are going to be. The stock settings, easy, hard, etc. are also labeled after different historic Viking figures. Easy setting is that of Leaf Erikson. As to the options to mix and match? you have the following that you are able to change: Item Degradation; Injury Probabilities; Karma; World Resources and Friendly Damage. We all know how problematic that last one can be when playing a fantasy based RPG. The game truly allows you to play the way that you want and be able to enjoy it.

The character creation part of the game, while being failure, is actually quite nice. It reminds you of building a character in a RPG fantasy game but everything is centered on Norse and Viking history and mythos as well as some nice Nordic and Celtic designs. Everything is a point based system. You are allocated a certain amount of points that you can put into your stats as well as skills that govern weapons, healing, statesmanship and more. You can spread things around or dump all of the points into just a few for that extra punch when in battle. With so many variables each time you play will be a totally different experience. Once I started playing I just didn’t want to stop because of all the different choices that you have in this game.

To tell the truth, I was a little apprehensive about the game since it was turn based and strategy focused. I just don’t normally play games like that, but this one is a joy to play even if I don’t like the top down view all that much. As I said, it has a interesting and compelling story, even if it is a bit linear at times. The thing is that once you start playing you just don’t notice it, it is like reading a book that you can’t put down, you just want to see what is going to happen next.

As to the bad? it is a lot of point and click, which can get confusing at first. After about 5 or 10 minutes though, that confusion goes all away. I will say that I am glad that it has a rather informative quest log, without it I would have gotten lost in what I was supposed to be doing. This is one hell of a game and if you like Vikings and strategy then you are sure to have fun with this one.

Expeditions: Viking will keep some of you up all night I am sure.

Here are some screenshots of the game itself. By the way, you are going to love the look of the campaign map.