Evolution (2001)

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On a dark and dry desert night Nevada is about to get some new residents. This fill is funny all the way though and will keep you laughing all the way to the end. The wackiness of this film will have you smiling for days as you remember all the fun you had watching it. You have the talents of David Duchovny as Ira Kane, a former military scientist turned college professor who desperately want to get out of where he is and on to something big and exciting. You have Julianne Moore as Allison Reed who works for the EPA and has some real issues and never seems to be wearing the right clothes for the job. Then there is Orlando Jones as Harry Block that coaches the women’s volleyball team and teaches Geology at the same college Ira instructs at. These three keep falling into comedic moments that have you laughing and wondering just what is going to happen next.

Another bone head for the crew is that of Wayne Grey (Seann William Scott) who wants to be a fire fighter but keeps flubbing up the test. On the night before his next attempt he is out in the desert trying to practice for the test. As he is doing so he notices a light in the sky that is getting bigger and bigger and it is coming right at him. In a moment of panic he dashes off as his car and his practice site at exploded up and out as a meteor hits right next to the car. The force of the impact shoots the rock into the tunnels below and throws the car and Wayne away from the site. Makes you wonder what Wayne did in a previous life to get so lucky.

Harry Block by a misclick of a mouse button is the representative the the USGS and is called in to take a look at the impact site. Not wanting to go it alone he pulls Ira along with him so that they can go get samples and secure the site. What they find is nothing like what they expected, the meteor is actually bleeding blue goo when ever they hit it to get a sample. So with samples in hand they go back to the University to see what it is that they have found. Inside the goo is the most exciting thing they could have ever found, it is actually single cell life forms or at least that is what they start out as. Ira is the only one who realizes what this might mean as Harry fantasizes on getting awards and money and getting out of Nevada all together. To make maters worse when Ira shows the sample to Block there are multi-cell life forms and not the single cell ones that Ira originally saw. They are evolving at a phenomenal rate and show no sign of stopping.

To see what more they can find out Ira and Harry head back out to the site to collect more samples and data but everything has changed. Instead of the bare cavern floor there is now a strange mist shrouding the floor and plants that look to be large and strange mold spores. It is Nadine (Katharine Towne) who inadvertently discovers that there are more then plants in the mist, there are crawlies as well, flat worms. Evolution is charging forward at a tremendous rate and it seems that the organisms and the meteor are trying to create an atmosphere in which it can continue to evolve. So they take their samples and head back to the college wondering what it is that they are truly seeing happen. Not wanting to work with just what they have they head back again to the site to get more data but are stopped by the military setting up a containment area of the site. They want to make sure nothing gets out and the only reason that they know is that they have Ira’s computer bugged to keep tabs on him.

Ira is having a really bad day as he finds out that General Russell Woodman (Ted Levine) is running the operation, he used to be Ira’s boss and always refuses to listen to what anyone has to say. If a problem arises he just blames it on someone else and then continues on his way with not a blemish on him. This time he will not be able to get away from it as his mistakes are going to be very visible very soon and he has only himself to blame for it. Because of his inability to listen he is going to threaten the entire world with his incompetence but you are just going to go watch the film to see what happens next.

This is a very funny and entertaining film and one that should be kept around for a good laugh now and then. I will be honest, it is not Oscar material but when is Sci-Fi or Comedy every Oscar material. The viewers liked it and the critics didn’t until they saw that the movie goers liked it. I will say this, I liked it and my family liked it and my friends liked it so it is worth seeing a few times now and then.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆