EverQuest II

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

EverQuest II is a pretty good game to play. This still isn’t better than Guild Wars or Call of Duty. This game does beat EverQuest, though. The graphics do not look Nintendo 64 graphics and the gameplay runs smooth. This game look like Oblivion meets Guild Wars. Why? Because the graphics looks like Oblivion and the gameplay runs like Guild Wars.

Well, Oblivion came out around 2006 and Guild Wars came out around 2005, but this game came out around 2004. So, this game was out before Oblivion and Guild Wars. The character creation is better than Oblivion, but not Guild Wars. I liked the character creation because I can make the girls look cute and sexy. You can chose different hair styles you want, but you can’t color their hair blue, green, and pink. You can color there hair red, brown, blond, and even white. If you want anime hair, you can choose white. You don’t see face detail in this game. You can only see it in Oblivion, but not this game. Well, the girls are cuter than before.

The first EverQuest game was horrible, but EverQuest II is way better. The storyline take place a 100 years after the first EverQuest game. I never played the first EverQuest game all that much, because it was a really ad game. EverQuest II is now a free to play game. I had fun with this game, but Guild Wars is still better than this game. At least EverQuest II beats World of Warcraft, which that game was stupid as hell. This isn’t best MMO game, but it is a pretty good game to play. There other MMO games that are not great, but I play them before and there were pretty good like Scarlet Blade. Scarlet Blade was pretty good game to play, but it wasn’t great. I still keep on playing this game because of all the girls in that game. If you are looking for a MMO game to play, try out EverQuest II. It is a pretty good MMO game, but Guild Wars is better. There is a new EverQuest game coming out next year and it is call EverQuest Next. I heard it going to be on the PlayStation 4. I don’t know if it is going to happen.