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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

EverQuest is not a good game for me because the game have a lots problems with it. The artwork is great, but not the game. The graphics are so bad and the gameplay is horrible. I don’t like when it plays. I give this game a try because it’s from Sony and it was one of the first MMO games to come out.

I think this game came around 2000. It was the same time when the PlayStation 2 came out. The PlayStation 2 has ten times better graphics than this. The graphics are far more horrible than World of Warcraft. This game look like a Nintendo 64 game. I like to play N64 games, but not as bad as this game is. I played this game for a half a hour and it is not worth it. The girls in this game are not all that pretty. I was trying to make a pretty girl, but it the avatar building program would not have it. I like to play female characters girl because I’m a guy. Men always think about sex alot and we like the eye candy.

The gameplay was really bad as the graphics was. This game have some bug problems. When I was moving my character, the character was running really funny. When I was trying to kill something, I don’t see my character fighting. I see her doing nothing at all. When was trying to talk to someone, they just ignore me. I just want to sell some of my things. When I was in the water, I could see characters running on water, not swimming.

The sound is a little bit off. If you hear the music in this game, it sound like Super NES game. I do not like the controls in this game. These controls are a pain in the butt. I thinking Sony needs to update the whole game, or redo it, or just shut it down. This is 2013, not 2000. I never played the second EverQuest game, but I heard it has way better graphics than this and a better gameplay than this. I love Sony games and the console games, as well, but not this game. So if you are finding MMO games to play, play Guild Wars, LOTRO, but not EverQuest.