Epic Escapes: Dark Seas

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Another dark ride of a hidden object game, and this time we are on the high seas in a Poseidon Adventure, but on a ghost ship… or so it seems. We play as ourself! For some reason, we keep having a nightmare of a ocean cruiser capsizing, and we need to find a way out. As “therapy”, we take a trip on a Dark Seas cruise in order to face our fears, when what we dream of really happens! Things are not as they would be in the dream. True, the ship is now upside down, and there are all kinds of hazards, from live wires and gas leaks to broken glass and busted steam vents.

We are alive, but it seems that some of the people we encounter are not. There is a little girl with Shirley Temple curls helping us find a way to some others, but her manner of dress seems like it is from the 1930s. We run into a frantic waiter who just wants to find a way out, then disappears. All along the way, we need to hunt for objects in trashed rooms that are upside down, and could have been painted a bit more clearly. It is a dark game, but when searching for hidden objects, a litte clarity would be nice. You want your gamers to continue with their quests, not quit over frustration of not finding an thing that might be necessary down the line. The music was supposed to be spooky, but it was oddly a little too relaxing, and made this gamer want to drift off. The only Epic Escape I wanted to find was a way to get out of this mess of a game. There are so many of these hidden object/logic puzzle games out there, you never know what the next one might bring. If you are a fan of missing ship mysteries, like the Marie Celeste, then this might be a game you might like, but it can get boring after a bit. It just needs to move faster.