Eerie Cuties

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Eerie CutiesDiscovered this webcomic a couple of years ago, when it first started as a link off of Multiplex. It’s a very fun story about a private high school filled with magical beings and monsters. The two main characters are two teen vampires, Nina and Layla Delacroix. Layla is the typical vamp teen, 16, not afraid of anything, except losing her popularity. She’s pretty and dark, and has hooked the hottest cat-boy in school, Kade. Nina is a vast contrast to her older sister. She’s 14, very, very innocent, overly cute. She won’t even drink blood, but may the gods help any chocolate that crosses her path. She was born on a Easter Sunday, and draws her nourishment from the decadent candy. With them is a naughty, perverted companion, Blair. Blair is a demon that is trapped in the body of a doll. The doll looks pretty tame, with its long golden hair and frilly blue dress, but the voice and the ideas that come from the doll are that of a lecherous male, like Happosai of Ranma 1/2. Blair is the instigator of much trouble for the Delacroix girls, but he’s not the only one who keeps them on their toes.

There are their friends, Chloe, the succubus in training, and Brooke, the shape-shifting melusine, Kade, the catboy, and Ace, the werewolf, which Nina calls “Puppy!” Since all these characters are going through puberty, their bodies are changing, but when one adds magical hormones into the mix, the teen angst can have some pretty funny affects. Not only are the changes magical, but there are also witches who are looking to one-up Layla in popularity, and their misuse of artifacts has some pretty drastic consequences when they end up in the wrong little hands. There is a budding, clueless vampire slayer, and an array of creatures in the faculty that are as messed up as the students, from a ghostly pirate of a gym coach, to a Futakuchi-onna history teacher. It’s just another day at Charybdis Heights High School. Gisele Lagace brought us this along with Menage A 3. Eerie Cuties is PG-13 rated, and a bit tamer, but just as chaotic and silly as any of Lagace’s other works, but that just fine by us here at Musings.