Duke Nukem: Time to Kill

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill is one of the PSone classics. This game does nothing about Duke Nukem 3D. This game is about going through time and kicking some alien butt. The aliens are pretty much messing with humans’ historical timeline. It is sup to Duke stop the alien from letting it happen.

The graphics in this game are not like those in Duke Nukem 3D. Everything is in 3D, no more 2D monsters, items, ammo, keys, and weapons. The graphics in this game more look like Quake 1, than Tomb Raider. So I’m thinking this game use the Quake engine. The gameplay runs similar to Tomb Raider games. The original Tomb Raider not the 2013 reboot. I had hard time getting used to, but the controls are little bit easier than the TR series. The combat system is normal for old third-person shooter.

This game has more weapons than than 3D. This game like playing the original DOOM. The soundtrack is a crazy mix. I hear some 80’s themes, Western, Dark Age, and Roman music. The opening is damn good. The opening is like Hard Gothic Metal. I like the opening more than the others. This game is for only PSone. You can’t find this one on PC. I wish someone would remake this game, with damn good graphics and great gameplay. Hell! make it in a first person shooter. Some gamers think this game sucks, but for gamers who played PSone back than this pretty damn good game. The game is good, but better than Duke Nukem 3D is, and it a thousands of times better Duke Nukem Forever was. Man, that game should be shoved in Donald Trump’s mouth. Is this game is worth your time and money? Yes it is! And worth adding it in your PSone collection. If I were you, I’d get this game.