Duke Nukem Forever

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

After I played Duke Nukem Forever on the PlayStation 3, it’s a ok game. It had a update on the game. After the update, the game is less glitchy and little better now. The first time I played it was worse than before. I went to my friend’s house, played on the XBOX 360 and I hated it.

When I got the PlayStation 3 version, it was a little bit better. I got the game at Wal-Mart for $10. This Duke Nukem game takes place about twelve years later. This one is all about when Duke was going to be on TV, but aliens came to destroy everything. The President of United State of America told Duke not to shoot the aliens. Well, the aliens attack first before he could kill them. Now, the aliens have taken all the women and taken over the Hoover Dam. It is up to Duke to save women and the world from invasion.

The graphics are ok. It not bad or great, the graphics are ok. The look like Doom 3, but Doom 3 has better graphics than Duke Nukem Forever. The graphics will twitch a little bit, but not bad. It was worse on the XBOX 360, but not on the PlayStation 3. I don’t know the PC version, but some people said it like the PS3 version but a little bit better. The gameplay runs like Halo. The resign way the gameplay runs like Halo because the ego health is in the game. There are still a little bit of bug problems in this game, but not as bad as before.

You can only use two weapons in this game. That is one bad thing about this. In Duke Nukem 3D you can use 7 different weapon in this, but in this one you can only use two weapons. This is Duke Nukem, not Call of Duty. The second bad thing about this game it short. This game is short. I beat it in 7 hours of gameplay. That’s not right. In Duke Nukem 3D, I beat it in a week, but Duke Nukem Forever I beat it in 7 hours. This game should have been worked on a little longer. The third problem of this game is that it is too easy. I’m killing these aliens in one shot. If you play the last Duke Nukem game and you want to play the next one, play Duke Nukem Forever. This game is ok, but not great.