Duke Nukem 3D

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Duke Nukem 3d
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Duke Nukem 3D is a old classic game from the 90’s. This is only on the PSone, PC, and Nintendo 64. PC version is better than PSone and the Nintendo 64. This game is better than Duke Nukem Forever. In Duke Nukem 3D, you can have a jet pack, projective boots, and 7 different weapons instead of 2 weapons. This game has lots of girls, exploring, and butt-kickin. This game got lots of sexual content, blood, and gore.

This game is about a man named Duke Nukem, and he is ticked off at the aliens for shooting up his ride, and later on in the game Duke find out that the aliens are taking the women. Now, it is up to Duke to save women and save the world. This one some pretty good graphics for a old DOS game. The graphics remind me of a first person horror game I plyed and it is called Blood. The alien in this game looks 2D. They didn’t do many 3D games back in 96 and some 3D games have 2D people, monsters, and aliens. This game came out when I was three years old. My dad used to play this game like crazy. Now, I’m the one playing this game like crazy. The graphics are way better than Duke Nukem Forever, because the walls don’t twitch and it doesn’t have to take forever to load up graphics.

The gameplay is great. This game does not have bug problems. In Duke Nukem Forever, there were lots of bugs problems. This one does not have it. This takes you about one week to beat, but Duke Nukem Forever took me 7 hours. Duke Nukem Forever is not a long game. In Duke Nukem 3D, you need to stay alive and have as much ammo as possible. In this game, you will lose lots of ammo. These aliens are hard to kill.

So, if you hated Duke Nukem Forever, play Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem is a okay game, but I don’t hate it or love it. This game is at http://www.gog.com. So if you want to play the old classic game, get it at http://www.gog.com today.