Dress Shop Hop

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I was kind of happy to see another Play First game in the Dinertown line up. It is great to see all these spin-offs that came from the original Diner Dash, but Dress Shop Hop left me very unsatisfied. We meet with another new business owner that is trying to follow the Robots ideal of “See a need, fill a need” in Dinertown, but Bobbie’s business venture needs some tweaking.

While this game has all the normal graphics as the other Dinertown games, the droning music, and the impatient customers make this game not very fun, and the fact that in the beginning levels, the weaving and sewing machines just don’t seem to move fast enough to keep your customers happy. This is custom clothing here, haute couture, not a fast-food drive thru, but these people are wanting these silly retro styles made before they can complete their cellphone call. If I was Bobbie, I’d head down to Flo’s and ask for a job as a waitress or hostess, because the people of Dinertown are turning into rhymes-with-witches, and that includes the guys!

There are many great Dash games out there, but Dress Shop Hop is not one of them. You will most likely be able to find your favourite game niche from Play First, but stay away from this one.