Dreams of a Geisha

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

In this Match 3 game, Dreams of a Geisha, Ichisumi really enjoys her job as a geisha. These companions may seem to be merely courtesans through the views of Western eyes, but they are so much more than that. They are a link between tradition and the modern world, trained in many arts for years before they ever take the title. It is Ichisumi’s dream to bring back some of the old temples, and we help her by matching up different traditional items commonly found in a geisha’s daily life. There are different kinds of match 3 puzzles going on here. There is the standard swap, but there is also the pop out, and a carry over, in which you carry one item from anywhere on the board to make your match. Once the puzzle is solves, then you go on to the bonus round, in which you must rotate the puzzle in order to get a key to a treasure chest for extra points. With the completion of each puzzle, you receive a picture puzzle piece that can be used to build a pictorial of Ichisumi’s role in her society. This is a good learning experience, and can show us more about geisha than we see on the surface, and such a fun way to do it!