Dragon’s Dogma

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dragon’s Dogma is like Skyrim meets Monster Hunter. This game does look Dark Souls, but this game does feel like your in JRPG world. The game is about the character that you have created is trying to fight a dragon, but it didn’t go too well. The dragon saw your character’s bravery and he took his/her heart. You get heart back when you kill the dragon. Your character be come arisen. The arisen are dragon killers. The dragon makes his own killers. That is kind of awkward right there. Why the hell, he want to make his own killers?

The PC version of Dragon’s Dogma looks thousands time better than the console version. It doesn’t look muddied or low res. It runs alot smoother, the texture looks more detail than the console version, it not letterbox, and runs 60 fps. If you try this game play the PC version. I like the PC version much better than the console version. The graphics in the console versions do not look all that great. It looks like Skyrim in lower res settings. I like the gameplay better than the graphics. The gameplay runs alot smoother and cool things are added to it. The XBOX 360 version is does lag often and the graphics look worse than the PS3 version, but no worse than Dragon Age: Origin on the console. The PS3 version looks a little bit better than the 360 version.

The gameplay on the other hand is great. It runs like Dark Souls, but with more Zelda in it. The combat system runs smooth and doesn’t lag at all. I like combat system better than Dark Souls. Dark Souls is hard, but this game is a little bit easier. If you’re playing as a assassin, you can automatically get your bow out. In Skyrim, you use the inventory menu to get your bow, but in this game you don’t. On the right bottom edge of your screen, you will see the buttons menu, just like other Zelda games. Those buttons tell you what can do when playing the game.

You have people that can help you out in your quests and they are call pawns. Pawns will help you and keep you alive. The pawns will get annoying alot times, but you get use to it. They love to talk a lot. They don’t even shut up at all. I wish my character tell them shut up. My character don’t talk in this game at all. You character is just like Link from the Zelda games, and he/she doesn’t talk at all. They give you magic powers on your weapon to destroy your enemies and heal you as well. They will find items in other areas and they give it to you. You can make your own pawns, as well. I made an assassin and she is more helpful the other pawns are. They will sometimes get in your way.

The character creation in the game is better than Skyrim. You have many pics to chose from. I made a better looking female character than in Skyrim and other Bethesda games. I have have hard times making female characters in Skyrim. This character creator makes it alot easier than the slide bar in Skyrim. The slide bar is really hard for me, unless you put mods in the game like I do. In this game, you don’t need to mod if you don’t want to. The game looks fine as it is.

The soundtrack in this game is really good. I like main menu theme song in this game. The main menu theme song is like hearing from a anime opening. If you have Dark Arisen set, than you won’t hear that song. The theme song is awesome, though. The music in this just feat perfect in this game. I like the soundtrack in this game than the soundtrack in Oblivion. The Oblivion soundtrack is good, but this game sounds a lot better. If I had the soundtrack for this game, I would put this soundtrack in Oblivion, because my version of Oblivion is like JRPG game.

They are two problems with this game. One, no fast travels and two, only one save file. I don’t why CAPCOM didn’t put fast travels in this game. It make a lot easier if they did. You have to go back and forth just to finish a quest. If your health is really low and you don’t have any healing items, you need to stay away from monsters as much possible until you get to town. I don’t why they want you save only once. What happen if a friend want to play the game and he went to new game. When the next time you play the game, your save that you worked on is gone. If they put in multiple saves, that makes it easier on the gamers.

This game is great and I like this one better than Skyrim. Not as better than other JRPG game from the PS2, but this is only good JRPG game today. I don’t care for the new JRPG games today, but this the only good one I like. There are other good ones out there today, but not as good as this game. If you are looking for the game, you can find on GOG.com or get the console if you are a console person.