Dragonball Evolution

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This cutting edge retelling of an anime classic might have some reeling but it is full of action, suspense and drama. It is a retelling of a tale that is more grown up and not just for the kids any more. Goku is about to turn 18 and it is going to be a day that he will never forget and it will change his life forever. A great destiny awaits him and if he can learn how to control the beast within him he just might be able to save the world at the same time. At least he is not alone on his quest, he will have the help of many of the Dragonball ledgens like Chi Chi, a rich gal who also fights, Bulma (Emmy Rossum) the heiress to Capsule Corp and inventor of a Dragonball Radar. Along the way they also find Yamcha (Joon Park) a self absorbed man who only seems to think of money and of course the infamous Master Roshi (Yun-Fat Chow). Roshi is old, stiff and always looking to put his hands where they should not be. He is also a monk and skeptic that ran away from the temple until Goku showed up to get his help.

Gohan (Randall Duk Kim) has been raising Goku (Justin Chatwin) since he was a child but wont tell him what happened to his parents. All he does is keep training him martial arts based on air bending techniques and that on his 18th birthday all will be revieled about his past. Another thing that Gohan has been teaching his young charge is to have self control and not to start fights. Gohan knows what is hiding in Goku and wants to make sure that when the time is right that Goku will not just sucome to it and lose himself entirely. Goku knows that his Grandpa Gohan wants the best for him and has loved him as his own since before he can remember. He also feels that his grandpa just doesn’t understand what it is like to no fit in, not to be able to be normal and do things that the other teens are doing. Gohan’s response is just that it is all overrated and that he will understand this someday. Goku knows the truth in the words but is wanting more then what is right in front of him and finally decides to do something he wants to do.

Chi Chi (Jamie Chung) is the hottest babe in high school and also a fighter though no one knows it. She wants to keep it a secret till she can prove just how good she really is. She is rich, smart and beautiful and becomes enamored with Goku when she sees him open all the locker doors with his ki. This one act and he seeing his self control causes her to invite Goku to her party that night. Who could say no to that when the brightest and most popular gal in school asks you to come to her party. Of course he goes and in that one night finds the courage to both defeat the bullies that have been harassing him and yet didn’t even fight them at all. He kept his word and didn’t fight or use the teachings from his grandpa to cause the boys harm. They caused all the harm themselves. This just makes Chi Chi even more enamored with Goku and she takes him off to be alone with him. Just as Goku is turning 18 he can sense that his grandfather is in trouble and rushes from the party to find out what is wrong.

Piccolo (James Marsters) is not of this world and he wants to either enslave it or distroy it if he can’t have his way. 2000 years ago he almost succeeded until the monk locked him in a jar to be bound for all eternity. It held for a great while but not forever. He found a way to escape and with the help of his minion Mai (Eriko Tamura) is looking for the Dragonballs. When all of the Dragonballs are collected together it can summon Shenron the Eternal Dragon to grand the summoner one perfect wish. A wish so perfect that it also grants the intent of the wish as well and not just twisted to mean just what the words themselves say. A wish that will come to be exactly as the wisher intended it to be. If Piccolo can gather all the balls together he will finally be able to have what he has wanted, complete control of the earth and everything on it. The only thing that is in his way is Goku and his companions.

As you can see there is a lot going on in this film and it really doesn’t matter if they aged everyone up for the telling of this tale. It just wouldn’t be right for the big screen if we say Bulma changing Goku’s diapers and Chi Chi as a self absorbed brat wrestling with Goku. If that would have been in the theaters it would have been laughed off the screen. This was a great telling and update to the classic that we all grew to love it has just grown up for today’s audiences.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆