Dragon Age: Origins

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best selling games since 2009 and this one is longer than Final Fantasy XIII. Final Fantasy XIII is about 24 hours of gametime. That is not long game. That just beat it in three days. But Dragon Age: Origins is about seventy-five hours of gametime. This game is done by BioWare. BioWare did the first Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effect, and the Baldur’s Gate series. This game is kind of like Dungeons & Dragons.

In beginning of the game, you will need to make your character. You can be a man or a woman. I like to play as the female. Your races are Human, Elf, and Dwarf. You can play as a warrior, rogue, or a mage. Since I like swords, I chose warrior. I chose a human because the human girls have a nice rear. This game about your character’s story. Storyline is pretty good. If you like the old Neverwinter Nights, you will like Dragon Age: Origins. The graphics looks pretty good, but the gameplay runs like the old Neverwinter Night. Neverwinter Nights 1 not 2. Neverwinter 2 was the worst game I ever played. I’m glad BioWare made this one instead Obsidian. This game is like Dungeons & Dragon, but I didn’t know Dragon Age was D&D. There are no bug problems in this, but the graphics are not better than Assassin’s Creed III.

I got this game because I have finally found a game that it will take me long time to beat. Publisher who did this game is EA. EA needs to work on Sims 3, but the other games that EA did are pretty good. I don’t why EA won’t fix on Sims 3. I like the artwork Dragon Age: Origins. It reminds me Guild Wars 2 artwork. If you like D&D you will like this game or if you are wanting to find a game that is longer than Final Fantasy XIII. Dragon Age: Origins is one you need to get because you will never stop playing this game.