Dragon Age Inquisition PS3 First Impression

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The next in the line of Dragon Age games from BioWare and EA is that of Inquisition. This picks up after the video Dawn of the Seeker and the events of Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2. It was highly anticipated and for good reason. The storyline is compelling and interesting enough to make you want to follow. The world is hugely massive and easy to get lost in. This is not a game that you are going to just sit down and beat in a day’s time. You will spend hours on this one and that is not a bad thing at all.

In Dragon Age Inquisition you are the seeker, the Herald of Andraste, the one that everyone is looking to to save the day. It is you who stepped out of the Fade as well as the one that the Chantry blames for the death of The Divine, Justinia V. The Templars hate you, the mages somewhat despise you and the people both fear and almost worship you at times. At other times all they want to do is complain and want to know what you are going to do to make their lives better. The reason for all of this is that when the Temple of Andraste’s Ashes was destroyed, you were there to witness it and some say they saw the blessed bride of the Maker, Andraste, lead you out of the Fade. Add to that a green glowing scar on your hand that crackles with Fade energy and you can see why all the fuss over you.

The game is addicting, even with its shortcomings graphically on the PS3. Having ONLY spent 20 hours or so on the game thus far I haven’t even fully explored the Hinterlands. The maps are huge with stuff happening all the time. Bandits to kill, villagers to save, politicians to strangle, I mean save and the list goes on. You even get to explore old ruins and places of power while having to constantly deal with the treats to the land. War has ravaged it and the events from your previous games can be imported into it for a custom world state. That makes the game uniquely your own and part of the story line that you have already built. This game will keep you wanting to play over and over again.

Another very nice feature of the game is the character creation part. It is one of the more complete and versatile creators that I have seen in a video game that you would not normally see. It is like they took the face generator from Sims 3 and Sims 4 and put it on steroids. Each part of the face is able to be changes and you do it by just dragging the control point around the inside of a grid square. It makes it so you can make truly loveable characters that border on the divine to that of the ugliest creatures that have been born to man, elf, dwarf of Qunari. Yes you can play a Qunari male or female if you want. Haven’t tried one of those yet. You could literally spend an hour or more just making a character, if that is what you wanted to do. They do have plenty of stock faces if you don’t want to modify so you can get directly into the game. It is nice having the option though.

Now for some of the bad, at times the controls are not that intuitive and do not seem to be mapped sensibly as in other DA games. At times they are downright awkward because they are not what you have been used to in other games. That aside you do have a good control set, it is just difficult at times, like you need about 10 more buttons awkward at times. That doesn’t stop you wanting to play though. As to the graphics, I looked and looked and could not find any place to adjust the AA or antialiasing on the PS3. It may be that it is available on the other platforms, but not on the Playstation 3. Everything has such a hard edge on it, especially the people. If you can get past that one thing, the graphics are great but that lack of smoothness is a constant distraction, at least for me.

Combat is smoother and you no longer have the ham hands of hell and not so much of the crab crouch fighting that you saw at times in the other 2 games and their DLC’s. The combat is a continuation of the combat style they created for Dragon Age 2 and that is just normal, looks cool and feels right especially with the wand wielding mages. We also have the skill trees from DA2 but don’t get to add any stat points directly. Stat points are given with which ever perks or abilities you choose from your skill trees. That does make it a bit simpler than it was in DA Origins. Inventory is broken down into various categories but keep in mind that the left pad changes character and the left stick lets you scroll up and down. To me it should have been the other way.

If you like the other 2 games than you are going to like this one if not love it. Sure it is different but I think in a good way. We even get to see characters from the past games such as Leliana, Varric Tethras, Cassandra Pentaghast and more. It is fun to see what they have been up to and hear their stories on how they came to be where they are since the previous games.

This is a game that is going to keep you busy for hours on end with side quests, missions, crafting and so much more. As said, I have only gotten about 20 hours in and I don’t see this game ending any time soon at all. With the open landscape, the possibility of falling to your death and not knowing what might be past the next stream is sure to cause me to loose quite a bit of sleep. This game is not for the impatient but for those that truly love a great and grand adventure. Bravo BioWare!