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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

When it comes to marble popper games, they don’t get much more basic than Dragon. This follows a familiar premise of shooting marbles at a snake, or in this case, a dragon, made of small spheres of varying colours with kanji characters on them. When one marble replaces another, the one it replaced is sent back to the bottom of the chute to be used again. One has to drive the dragon back into its lair to prevent it from reaching the other end of the twisting chute that is set as its path.

The sound was very low, and could really not be heard, so on the upside, any music I might have heard would not have been all that distracting, but considering I played this game late at night, a little more noise would have been welcome. It was easy to get distracted by one certain dragon in the chute and forget about the one that was about to escape down near the exit, thus ending defeating you in that level. So the game is tricky in that manner. If you love Asian culture and marble poppers, this is your kind of game, because the Chinese art is lovely, but the gameplay itself can be difficult at times. The chutes are different at every level, so you get a new challenge each time. Don’t let the dragons escape, and you should do fine.