DQ Tycoon

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

When I lived in Gahanna, Ohio, back in the day, I had my very first taste of a Dairy Queen strawberry sundae, and even though I don’t indulge in DQ all that much any, due to the fact that the closest DQ is now 20 miles away, I really enjoyed this game, and seeing all the new stuff DQ has to offer that I was not aware of. In this time management game, we play as Emily, a young lady that loves DQ that ran across a chance to manage an old-style, pass-thru window DQ store that only offers the frozen treats, like shakes, sundaes, Dilly Bars, and the classic soft serve cones.

As Emily takes in cash, we get upgrades, like new flavours, hiring extra help, and paying them what they are worth. During the workday, we sometimes get little helper treats that can speed us up, or slow down our work clock. It was really fun running the DQ outlets, and watching our customers get brainfreeze. There is even a emergency hot Brazier burger to melt away the mess. I was not even aware that there was a butterscotch flavoured dip for the dipped cones. While there is a DQ in Marianna now, I’ve not gone to it yet. DQ Tycoon opened my eyes to options that I have missed, but I really have no idea when I’ll get over there, so I may just have to content myself with virtual soft serve, because this game is just that cool.