Doom : No one gets out alive.

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DOOM-2005-DVD-CoverDoom is a Sci-fi horror film and this one is basically on a video game. This movie is set in the future and set in year 2046. This movie is about eight Marines from Earth who are ordered to go to Mars and there orders are protect people and claim UAC data. The eight marines were Sarge, Reaper, Duke, Destroyer, The Kid, Portman, Goat, and Mac. Sarge always follows orders and he never disobeyed orders before. Later in the movie, he will be come a demon or monster.

In this movie, there is no Hellgate. That was in Doom 3. This is when scientist are experimenting on humans. I wish they had put a Hellgate in this movie and it would be great, but the movie is still pretty good. The game is still better than this movie. When I’m watching this movie, everything is pitch black. That is the good or bad reason. The good reason is when you turn off the lights at night time, you will get jumpy. That is why people got scared from this movie. The bad reason is it needs more color. If I want to watch this movie in the day, it needs more color, not pitch black.

My friends said this movie sucks. They think it needs to be like the game. I like this movie and the Super Mario Bros. movie. The person who is playing as Sarge is The Rock. The Rock was on WWE back in the 90’s. I see him doing more films lately. Now he is back in with WWE, and doing movies now. Reaper is always quiet and worries about his sister. His sister is in this film, too. His sister’s name is Samantha Grimm. She is pretty cute. The person who is playing as her is Rosamund Pike. She was on Wrath of the Titans and The World’s End. The World’s End is coming soon to theaters. I’m thinking it will be out next week. The person who is playing as Reaper is Karl Urban. He played in alot of stuff that I had seen. I saw him in Lord of the Rings, Priest, Dredd, and Star Trek. The person who is playing as Destroyer is Deobia Oparei. I don’t see him a lot of stuff. I saw him in two movies. This one and Alien 3. The person who playing as Duke is Razaaq Adoti. I saw him in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and this one as well. The person who played as Goat is Ben Daniels. I never any of his but except this one. The person who played Portman is Richard Brake. I saw him in Batman Begins and this one. I never saw any TV shows or any of his but except for two films. The person who played the Kid is Al Weaver. It look like he did alot of TV shows. He only did this movie. The only thing I like this movie is the first person view. When I was watching the first person, it feel like I’m playing Time Crisis in the Arcade. It feel like I’m using a toy that I’m aiming at the TV screen and shooting zombies, monsters, and demons.

If someone make Call of Duty movie, I wish they would put that first person view in there. That will really cool to see that on the big screen. I have seen this in the theater, and saw a few people were pretending it was a shooting game. I did the same thing. This movie is great and all, but I like videogame better. This movie is pretty good and it is one to see.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆