Dominic Crane’s Dreamscape Mystery

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I reviewed the second sequel to this game a few days ago, and it was slightly more improved than the original. While the gameplay was similar to most hidden object mysteries, there was much lacking in this. If a player new to HOMs came upon this game, they would have no idea what they were getting into as this game had no instructions at all. It seems the marketing team at Match Gems games assumed the people that played their game were veterans at the HOM games. The graphics were dismal, and in some places, very monochromatic, which made finding objects more challenging, which was about the only good thing they did with this game. Finding some objects was very difficult, but doing the run around to find out why Dominic was having to see a shrink about his visions was getting tedious.

It is hard to believe the Match Gems devs have put out three games based on this concept. The art needs major restructuring, and with the onslaught of casual games with this kind of theme, I find it hard to accept that the Crane boys have fans. After looking at their home website, Match Gems, I can see that artwork is not a priority. The CGI stills are just not working in here, and what is it with the near-sighted fat penguins? This series does have a good concept, but it gets lost in the bad artwork and low-key mood music. Some fine lines, upbeat sounds, and better puzzles would really help, and maybe giving the players instructions on the logic puzzles would help. If you are looking for a good HOM, don’t try to figure out Dominic Crane’s dreams. You will only become as frustrated as he is.